I started WEDDING PASTOR DAVE for couples who don’t attend church on a regular basis and who don’t know a minister personally. These people are usually very SPIRITUAL but not necessarily religious and are not a part of any organized religion or a member at any particular church.

My feeling was that many churches are NOT very wedding friendly to couples who don’t attend their church … they usually charge them MORE for the wedding then they do for their members, insist on using the minister from the church and insist on having the couple go through premarital counseling. Some even treat the wedding as an inconvenience in the church’s already busy schedule rather than something really SPECIAL to celebrate!

I’ve also observed that most couples these days want to be married outside in a beautiful setting and NOT in a church building. I’ve performed weddings on the beach in Santa Barbara, on golf courses, at Five-Star Resorts, at nice hotels, at Country Clubs, at parks, at a ranch in the Malibu Hills, a posh hotel on the French Riviera, at a private mansion in Beverly Hills and in many other gorgeous locations.

Enter WEDDING PASTOR DAVE, which started on July 10, 2010 with the wedding of Stacey Myer and Jonathan Brewster. Their wedding was on the rooftop of The London Hotel in West Hollywood. Matt Cassel (NFL quarterback) was one of the groomsmen.  They had thirty people in the wedding party alone! Quite a production! It was a FANTASTIC wedding! I really got to know the bride and groom and both of their families. Since then I have enlisted four other associates (pastors) who help me with my business/ministry.

What I’ve discovered is how much couples APPRECIATE the loving care and and concern we provide them. Many couples we work with are living together prior to marriage, some are even pregnant or have had a baby together.  We are not here to judge anyone. We are here to love each couple and value them. Our goal is to demonstrate God’s unconditional love for them in a tangible way. We help them in the process of making the ultimate commitment between a man and woman, becoming husband and wife.

I advertise myself as a Christian Wedding Pastor because that is who I am. I come at it from a nondenominational perspective. All faiths are welcome. I’ve found that the couples who hire me appreciate the fact that I served many years as a pastor of church and that I have been theologically trained. They don’t usually want “the wedding guy” – an online wedding officiant who has never been a pastor, never been to seminary, got ordained online and views weddings as gigs.

I also started WPD because I value marriage! As a Wedding Pastor my goal is to help couples launch healthy marriages and beat the odds. About 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. Those aren’t good odds! My wife (Carrie) and I have been married for over 20 years. By God’s grace, we have beat the odds! I want to help other couples beat the odds too!

I’ve discovered that marriage comes with its ups and downs, fastballs and curveballs, but a healthy marriage is worth every sacrifice, late night conversation and counseling session. We do offer premarital counseling for couples (if they desire it) and believe it is a great investment for any couple that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

From a personal perspective, I understand the emotions of seeing your bride for the first time on your wedding day. It was one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced! I see the joy and pain in a father’s eyes as he gives his daughter away. I have a daughter right now at UCLA and I look forward to her wedding day someday. She’s already told me she wants me to walk her down the aisle AND perform the wedding!

The wedding day really is a significant day for couples and we relish the fact that we get to be involved. Our goal is to make it something they will always remember with fond memories and that it will have a great impact on their family and friends who have come to support them.  We design each wedding ceremony to reflect the values and desires of the couples we serve using various wedding elements (vows, rings, readings, poems, prayers, and innovate ideas). We make the wedding a CELEBRATION and we make it FUN!

In a nutshell, we specialize in providing EXCEPTIONAL wedding ceremonies for couples that are spiritual but not religious. I’m REALLY enjoying the interaction that I have with the couples I marry and the friendships that are formed!

Published by Wedding Pastor Dave Page

Wedding Officiant, Ordained Minister, Certified Celebrant

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